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If you are looking for a high quality Shirt that perfectly represents the amazing island of Nukuroa then this Nukuroa Island Shirt is available in tshirt and singlet will be perfect for you. Made from high quality materials this shirt would make the perfect gift for friends or loved ones. 

The beautiful designs feature many amazing patterns and images that represent Nukuroa Island, such as the Itiki (freshwater eel) that is an iconic delicacy. The Ai (sandalwood tree) that is unique to Nukuroa, the kikau (coconut fronds) and the fantastic round motif that represents the two roto (freshwater lake) and all the abundance that lives within it.

Available in many different sizes to suit everyone, the beautiful colour scheme on the Nukuroa Island Shirt is green to represent the greenery and the friendly people of the island, lime green for the new generation and brown for the habitat of the Itiki.

Nukuroa (Mitiaro)


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