“TE VAKA O RU” honours the epic voyage of Ru, a virile young man who longed to leave his homeland in search of new land. He made a call for strength and unity and set out on a historic voyage across the oceans on ‘Ngapuariki’ with his four wives, four brothers and their wives, and a crew of 20 royal maidens. Te Vaka O Ru navigated the stormy seas with the help of his God Tangaroa and found new land. Ru placed his foot on the white sands and declared the land to be known as ‘Ara-rau-enua-o-Ru-ki –te-Moana’, in commemoration of ‘his struggles over the oceans to find land’. The name Ararau was shortened to Araura and today Aitutaki, but the great voyage of Ru has long endured and celebrated through songs and chants.

Araura Enua (Aitutaki)

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